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With a strong expertise in developing and manufacturing M2M products, Gronic is a leading manufacturer for Point of Sale, telematic and industrial M2M solutions. Our experience in the design of M2M and wireless communication products result in a range of POS and telematic products...


/ Product Design

In the beginning there is your idea, an imaginary concept on how the product will look like. Together with our passionate partners in industrial design, we transform your ideas into products. Working with latest CAD 3D technology standards allows our mechanical engineers to verify and monitor the mechanical construction of a product from the design phase to the mass production. Constantly keeping an eye on feasibility and cost-effectiveness, Gronic will take you one step further to a new and  excellent user experience.

_design concept & creation
_product design
_mechanical implementation
_3D printing (STL / SLA)
_tooling / mould making

/ Hardware & Software Design

Once design and mechanical construction are ready for prototyping, 3D sample printing or mould making, Gronic's team of experts will use the CAD based construction details to prepare the electronic design of your product. Our R&D team works synchronously with purchasing and production departments, ensuring that functionality, components and production lead to a commercially successful and long-term available solution. Besides hardware design we offer operating system integration and customized application programming. Our wide range of experience in M2M application development will help us to realize your application in shortest time and bring your ideas to the markets.

_electronic design
_embedded software / firmware
_EMC testing and certification

/ Manufacturing Service

Toolings are made, prototypes are well tested and approved, now its time to bring your product on the line. With Gronic you benefit from a network of professional ISO certified manufacturing partners in Europe and Far East, ranging from small batch to high volume mass production capabilities. Once the production process has been setup, testing equipment and tools are ready and a process has been approved by a pilot production, everything is ready to kick off your idea and bring your product to the markets. While always taking great attention on quality and service we are eager to accomplish our task as a one stop solution provider and deliver your product from the idea on time at the right price to any location you require.

_small to high volume productions
_SMD / conventional PCB assembly
_product assembly & testing
_ISO certified manufacturing & QA
_ODM & OEM manufacturing
_testing equipment & test plan

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